United Way 2019 Tocqueville book


“She was creative, quick to respond, solution minded, and extremely accommodative. I appreciated how she wanted to be a part of the whole creative process, from brainstorming all the way through final details.” 


—  Rachel, Philanthropy Associate

Print, publication design, creative direction, non-profit 


The United Way Tocqueville society is a group of leaders and volunteers who are deeply involved in United Way’s mission. Each year a member book is created to recognize current members and encourage future members to get involved by showcasing the mission, vision, and offered programs.



United Way Chattanooga had not released a Tocqueville Member book in 5 years. This needed to be more than just another pamphlet on standard paper. It needed to be used as a tool to excite potential members and to honor current ones. It needed to stand out among other “about booklets” while also being informative and reasonably priced to produce.


We took inspiration from the way this book felt to hold–the paper, its shape and size, and what would catch your eye. The United Way history within Chattanooga is rich and withstands, at least, 50 decades. A big part of this book was to reveal the new developments going on within the physical space of the United Way offices. It was the juxtaposition of history and innovation that inspired me to design a “then and now” theme. 


I worked with a local history enthusiast who was able to locate a handful of vintage United Way photographs including what the current address looked like in 1819. The choice to create a die cut cover focused your attention on this historical moment and lead you through a memory lane of sorts throughout the piece. It concludes with a plan of innovation for the current address and a photograph from the same vantage point as the cover page. 


Publication printing - Wonderpress

History enthusiast - Sam Hall, ChattanoogaHistory.com

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