CEMPA 2019 Annual Report


“Taylor produces quality work and meets every deadline. It was a great experience working with Taylor. She took the time to learn and understand the mission of Cempa in order to produce a product that aligned with our branding.” 


—  Melanie, Development Administrator


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Cempa is a non-profit whose mission is to champion healthy communities by providing affordable, compassionate, and high-quality care through advancing comprehensive support services and person-centered best practices. The goal was to create a comprehensive report on the 2019 year achievements that could be distributed to shareholders and interested persons.


Getting the help you need can be embarrassing, scary, or even daunting for some people. Keeping with the existing brand guidelines, I designed an annual report that highlighted the efforts Cempa takes, throughout the year, to champion healthy communities. 


I took direct inspiration from their existing color palettes and brand imagery. The calming cool blue greens with happy highlights of light orange allowed the brand to stay consistent from cover to cover. I organized layouts into easily digestible sections of content using iconography when necessary. This helped break up heavy amounts of information that might otherwise get looked over.

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