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“When designing a logo for our flower truck we knew we had to have professional help. We chose Taylor because we trusted her and her vision. Our business has grown rapidly and I know that having a professional and cohesive branding has been a big part of our growth.” 


—  Becca, Owner of Blumenwagen & Joli Jardin Farm

Print, environmental design, creative direction, branding, illustration

Chattanooga’s First flower truck.

It all started with the van. A beautiful 1978 Mercedes T2 608d van that spent many dutiful years fighting fires in Seefeld, Austria, traveled to Vatican City to be blessed by the Pope, and finally journeyed across the pond to be converted into a camper van. Its next chapter in life was to be a flower truck – The Blumenwagen.


A big, red van, with original hand painted german type. How do you take a vintage industrial vehicle that originally fought fires in Germany and create a brand that sells delicate blooms and make it all work together without looking like two completely different concepts or purposes?


What originally was seen as a challenge, quickly became the exact inspiration. The charm of the firetruck was certainly its rich history and beautiful red hue complete with existing type. 


The original white type was my favorite. It has strong germanic sans serif letters spelling out the name of its origin city. I immediately knew we had to match that type and run with it. The red truck really became a no brainer when it came to brand palette. Yes, flowers come in all different colors, but using all of those colors in a brand would distract from the actual beauty of the real flower against this red background. 


Last came the variety and style of the flowers to include. Also, a no brainer, as it only makes sense to choose the clients’ favorite flowers that they actually grow on their farm.


Van Wrap - Printree

Business Card & Hang Tag - Wonderpress

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