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Glass House Collective (GHC) was founded to bring life back to Glass Street, and Glass Street back to life in East Chattanooga. For 8 years now, they've been focusing on making this historic area cleaner, safer, and more inviting. Their goal is to jumpstart positive change not just in their neighborhood, but throughout the city as a whole. This was evident when they pitched in to help a local art teacher make sure her students would have art supplies to continue creating despite a stay at home order in the middle of a pandemic.


It goes without saying that COVID-19 disrupted a lot of life living and project planning for 2020. But GHC and myself got to work quickly on how we could help fulfill a need. They needed to launch a campaign that would raise funds for art supplies, all while standing out in a sea of other fundraisers. I designed a social media campaign to launch the project into existence, coloring sheets to include in the take home packs, and a final How-To Guide to share with other organizations who might be interested in implementing the same strategy as we did.


Children's coloring books filled with pages of black vector art just waiting to be colored in was the primary inspiration. Also important was that we actually showcase the supplies that these kids would be receiving, while still keeping it ambiguous to exact brands and quantities. With those two parameters I set out to illustrate a variety of supplies using a thick and thin mixture of line styles. Making sure the black and white line art didn't get scrolled past, I used GHC's primary brand color, blue, to complement the fun illustrations and maintain a consistent style highlighted by the color blue.


The final social campaign included posts and stories formatted for Facebook and Instagram, email headers, and a printed thank you card that went to each donor.


After the initial campaign launched we decided to share our approach for others to implement if they wished. The How-To Guide was built to be an interactive pdf that would be easily shareable via email and as a downloadable file on the GHC website. It included the six steps we thought through for the campaign, how we actually spread the words via social media, and tips and bonus advice sprinkled throughout the ten page guide.

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